Investment opportunities in Croatia

If you are seeking to establish a business in Croatia, it is essential that you have a reliable and trustworthy partner to assist you. We can help you to navigate the Croatian bureaucracy in the shortest possible timeframe, enabling you to go to market faster. We offer you a full range of services, everything from finding a good legal team to identifying suitable office premises and recruitment of staff.

Advantages of investing in Croatia:

- Croatia's capital, Zagreb, is only 20 KM from the Europe EU border.

- From Zagreb Croatian capital, driving to Slovenia takes only 30 minutes, to Austria just 90 minutes, and to Hungary just 2 hours.

- Croatia has the most modern motorways in all of Europe fast, efficient transport connections.

- Croatia has three major ports: Rijeka, Split and Ploce. Croatia will soon join the EU either in 2011 or 2012.

- EU accession funds have large amounts of money available for entrepreneurs in Croatia Croatia has a large, skilled workforce and a high percentage of people speak foreign languages including English, Italian and German

What kind of investment is Croatia suitable for?

•  Croatia has a large amount of fertile land which can be used for growing organic foods

•  Tourism Croatia has a long Adriatic coastline with more than 1000 islands. Tourism is growing every year (even during the recent global downturn) but there is still huge potential that remains untapped. Now is the time to invest in the hottest European destination. (Our partner:

•  Technology Croatia has a modern communications infrastructure and strong history of developing technological breakthroughs, making it ideal as a base for high tech companies. Croatia has a highly skilled workforce, meaning that recruitment is not a problem.

•  International call centers Croatia's workforce is multilingual, meaning that this is an ideal base for international call centers. Croatia has a growing number of call centers that successfully handle international calls for a long list of famous brands.

•  Shipbuilding Croatia has a long history of shipbuilding, with several famous shipyards. These are now available for purchase. Purchase conditions and details can be found on the website the website of the Croatian Fund for Privatization.

•  Croatian exports Croatian companies produce many premium quality products, but for several reasons Croatians are not good at selling them on export markets. Therefore this is an interesting opportunity. Set up a company in Croatia and export Croatian products to EU markets and beyond.

•  Solar energy panels Croatia has a lot of experience in the manufacture of solar energy panels

•  Factories take advantage of preferential Greenfield investment incentives offered by the Croatian government, and set up your factory in time for EU accession.

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